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Inspired by a tropical print, these earrings consist of two pieces. The bottom round piece has a beautiful leaf design that has been cut from a continuous clay slab. This is one of my favourite techniques to create a repeat pattern with smaller pieces of clay. With a green circle top to finish, that has a raised leaf relief, this gives the design extra texture and depth.

Perfect gift for yourself or for a statement earring lover, these earrings are unique, handmade, and lightweight to wear. These beautiful earrings are pieces of original and unique artwork, cut from a clay slab no two pieces are alike.

I don't use molds to prepare my jewellery, this guarantees that each design is unique.

The hooks of the earrings are brass, coated in silver.

The earrings are Wear-resisting, and Colourfast.
Length- 7.5cm

This piece is made with passion and love of craft and it won't be mistaken for a mass-produced item.
As my jewelry are handmade, they are unique so there are no two identical pieces.

Buyer please note that due to hygiene reasons these items are none refundable but if you have any problems please do get in touch. 

I hope you love wearing my jewellery as much as I enjoyed making them for you and if you have any questions please send me a message.

Tropical round clay earrings

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